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18 thoughts on “Join My Readers’ Group

  1. Hi Donna,

    I just finished and throroughly enjoyed reading “The Enemy We Know”. Your writing is fantastic – well thought out characters and plot, the right amount of ‘misdirection’ before reveal, and the perfect injection of humour without making the story telling absurd. I’m a bit let down when I encounter spelling and grammatical errors as they tend to jump out at me and spoil the read – however none detected in this novel! It was also a perfect length, although I neglected everything else today to read it in one setting – that’s how captivating it was to me.

    I look forward to reading more of this series, and to recommending this novel to others.

    Kind regards,

    1. Suzanna, Sometimes I misdirected so well that I forgot who the killer was. So what you might be experiencing may be tangles, not skill. 🙂 But don’t tell anyone else. Our secret.
      You know, the best compliment a reader can give an author is “I neglected everything else to read it.” THANK YOU! And thank you for taking the time to send a note. I’ll be smiling all day.

    2. Just finished reading “The Enemy we Know”. It was great. It caught my attention right away. One of the best books I’ve read recently.

      1. Thank you so much! I just got the 5th book in Letty’s series published today. I never expected all of the amazing things that have happened since I first sat down to tell Letty’s story. I am so grateful to the readers who keep picking up the series and getting to know her, as well as Arie in my other series. I’m feeling very nostalgic today. *grins*
        But again, thank you for your kind words.

  2. Hi Donna, being the family genealogist and married to a Glaser, I was interested in your last name!! Glaser isn’t that common. Do you happen to know your Glaser family background? Also, I downloaded the book “The One We Love” and am anxious to read it. First I have to get through “Outlander”!! LOL!!
    Thank you
    Jane Glaser

    1. Hi Jane! Actually we don’t know that much about the Glaser side. That’s my husband’s surname; his family is from Kentucky, as far as we know. Hope you enjoy The One We Love!

  3. Hi Donna, I haven’t read any of your books yet–just downloaded my first–but it does sound very good. I love being part of authors teams!!

  4. Looking forward to your type and style of books. Have sooo many books to read. Love to hear from different authors. Good luck with your writing ventures!

  5. Wow! I couldn’t read this series fast enough. Loved every book–never a dull moment–a thrill a minute. I can hardly wait for the next one!

    1. Thank you so much, Elise! I’m hoping to have the next book out in a few weeks. The Lies We Tell is at the editor now. If you’d like to be notified, sign up for my Readers’ Group. I offer a discount with new launches. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Donna

    1. The Lies We Tell should be out sometime in January. I loved writing book 4, too. The cult aspect in The Blood We Spill was fascinating. Thank you so much, Gail!

  6. Donna,
    I have the best time reading your books. As I wrote in one of my reviews, you get things right. Being a retired psych nurse who has worked the steps, I get annoyed when information is incorrect about the psych field and/or recovery. So much for my little rant.

    Thank you for making me laugh. I’ve read all five of Letty’s escapades and look forward to reading more of your work.

    1. Oh my gosh, Christine, you made my day. I’m sitting at home with a lisfranc injury and feeling quite sorry for myself. This note perked me right up. And I’m so glad that you felt I got the psych angle right. I’ve had a few reviews that disagreed with that opinion, which is perfectly fine, of course. Everyone has that right. But it’s nice, too, to have someone see the humor in the dysfunction instead of taking offense for it. 🙂 There will be a sixth in Letty’s series, but right now I’m working on book 2 in the Blood Visions series: Scry Me A River. And since all I can do is sit on my butt, I better get busy!

  7. Hey Donna, I’m just dropping by to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the Letty Whittaker series. I’m currently reading The Lies We Tell and it’s just as riveting as all the others in the series. I admit I hold you personally responsible for the funny looks I get when I randomly giggle while reading in a public place. You’re also a convenient scapegoat for keeping me from the tasks I ‘should’ be doing around my house. Please add to this series as quickly as possible.

    1. Wow! Thank you! I am extremely gratified that my books are powerful enough to make you look demented to the general public. Best. Compliment. Ever!

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