...to the website of mystery author Donna White Glaser. I write the Letty Whittaker 12-Step Mysteries and the Blood Visions Paranormal Mysteries.  Happy reading!


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    1. Thanks, Heather! I just entered the first book in a new series into Kindle Scout. I’m trying to land a contract with Amazon Press with it and they’re using the Scout program to see if readers are interested in it. If you go to this link: you can vote for it! And if it’s accepted by Amazon, you’ll receive a free advanced digital copy of it the week before it publishes! If you like my Letty series, you should love this one, too. Happy reading, Donna

  1. Hi Donna…I just finished reading your Lefty Whittaker series and I loved it! When will The Lies We Tell be released? Keep up the good work!

      1. Ha! Auto correct gets me every time. 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the series so far. I’m hoping to have Lies ready to publish this summer. In the meantime, I’ve got a new series entered in the Kindle Scout program and hope to have that published either by Amazon or myself in the next month or so. Longer if it goes through Amazon. The first book in the series is A SCRYING SHAME, and you can read about it under the Blood Visions Paranormal Mystery tab. Thanks for the sweet note! Happy reading!

  2. I’ve just finished The One We Know and really enjoyed it, in fact I ended up getting so engrossed I completely neglected all other areas of my life. Lucky my kids can feed themselves otherwise DOCS might have become involved!
    Will definitely read the others in the series.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed “the enemy we know”, I usually go to the back of the book to see who is the culprit but I retrained myself with this book. It is such a great book, you are indeed a wonderful writer. Congratulations

    1. Thanks, De! Maybe there’s a 12-Step program for mystery readers who peek at the back. Ha! I’m so glad you liked Letty’s first adventure and thank you SO MUCH for letting me know. It’s still a little surreal for me to think that perfect strangers are reading my books. Happy reading!

    2. I am excited to read your books now! Thanks for doing this so we can get to ࡈmeet⁚ new authors! I have followed you on twitter, goodreads and liked facebook.

  4. Hi Donna,
    I just about fell over reading your first novel and seeing Chippewa Falls mentioned. That is so awesome. I’m a psychotherapist living in Eau Claire that dreams of being a mystery author. You’re my new hero. Where in wisconsin were you born and raised? Still here? This is so great. I can’t wait to tell my friends who provides me with book suggestions about your series! So so great.

    Thanks so much and so glad I stumbled onto your novels via Amazon!


    1. Hi Traci! I was born and raised in Kenosha County. Lived a little while in Chicago-land, then moved up north w/ my family. Still here and not leaving. So glad you enjoyed Letty! I’m going to message you re: writing dreams. We’ll talk. 🙂
      Happy reading!

  5. Looking forward to ‘A Scrying Shame’ and the next in the 12-step series! I unfortunately couldn’t vote as I have a Canadian Amazon account. Either way, I really hope you are chosen!!

  6. Congratulations !!! I voted for your book and look forward to reading it. It sounds like a good read.

  7. Hi Donna
    I noticed your book “The Enemy we Know” whilst browsing on kindle store. I enjoy crime /mysteries but without too much sex or violence. It is so refreshing to be able to read a “who done it” type story and to be kept hanging, as it were, to the very end for the climax all wrapped up in a lovely, funny and light hearted manner. Yes there is a bit of violence and even a bit of blood, but where would a decent crime /mystery be without these. I am thoroughly enjoying your books. Have just finished “The one we love” now also. I have to say I am hooked and looking forward to purchasing your next book to read.

    Thank you so much

    1. Ruth, I’m so glad! Finding a balance between humor and murder is a bit tricky, but I love the challenge of it. I truly appreciate your note, and I hope you like The Secrets We Keep as much as the others. Happy reading!

    2. Hi Donna just read The Enemy We Know really enjoyed it.I’m a mystery lover and just wanted u to know I think ur book was great,enjoyed the suspense didn’t think of who it was until last chapter. Maryalice Drake

  8. Absolutely loving the Letty Whittaker series. Two books since yesterday lunchtime. Just about to start the third!! Think I better feed my family first though! Not sure i’ll get away with take away 2 nights in a row lol!!

    1. Ha! I call that “gulping a book down.” My family goes through a lot of Fend For Yourself nights when I’m writing, but I didn’t know readers’ kids suffered too. Best compliment EVER!
      Thank you!!

      1. Not quite sure what to do with myself now that i’ve read books three and four !!
        To make the books last longer, (and to stop the family eating each other), I decided I should wait a week between finishing book 3 & starting book 4!!
        I lasted 1 hour and 5 minutes !!!
        Lol… I feel like an addict needing a fix!!

        1. Oh, goodness. This is getting serious. Unfortunately my next book won’t be out for another couple months and it’s not a Letty. I hope you’ll like Arie as much as you do Letty. 🙂 Arie is a young woman who, after a near death experience, took a job on a crime scene clean-up crew and discovered a new psychic power. She can read memories in the deceaseds’ blood.

  9. Hi Donna!
    I am totally hooked on the Letty books! I just love her personality and have actually laughed out loud a couple of times while reading 🙂
    I just realized, when I bought #3 yesterday, that there is only one more in the series 🙁 I hope you write many, many more because I’m really enjoying them. They are so entertaining and suspenseful with the light-hearted touch that I really appreciate now.
    Also, now that I know about your Blood Visions series, I will definitely check that out too!
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Linda! I love addicts. Book addicts, that is. 😉 I am working on book 5 in Letty’s series; it’s called The Lies We Tell and I’m hoping for a summer release. The new series, A Scrying Shame, is going to be published by Kindle Press, so the launch date is a little more out of my control, but I’m hoping it’s ready in the next two months. I’m really excited about that. I noticed you signed up for my Readers’ Group notifications. That’s perfect, because they are the first to know of new releases and discounts. Thanks for being a Letty reader! Happy reading!

  10. I just finished reading The Enemy We Know. Really enjoyed the book. The writing elicited feelings of anxiousness similiar to what Letty may have felt. That was both good and bad. Good from the perspective of being able to make the reader feel what the characters feel. Bad because who enjoys feeling anxious? It was perfect though. The book was a quick read. Held my attention throughtout and didn’t drag out the suspense unnecessarily but provided enough to keep me coming back. I will definitely check out more of Letty’s stories. Thank you for sharing.

    1. April, You’ve give me one of the best compliments a reader can give a writer: you made me feel_______. (fill in the blank) Can’t thank you enough for that! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series–but warning: I don’t think they’ll be a whole lot more soothing. Happy reading!

  11. Love the first Letty novel! Will read more and will tell my reading friends… Love the 12 step connection.

  12. I just finished reading the first Letty Whittaker book. I loved the humor she has despite the situation going on around her. Having been in those shoes before I wish had used my wit to somehow keep sanity at a decent level instead of totally freaking out! Lol. I look forward to reading the rest of the series as soon as I can obtain them. I simply love the Letty character. I was a little sad about Marshall disappearing but couldn’t blame him totally. It was a double edged sword: she needed answers and he felt betrayed by her snooping instead of asking. Of course, flirting even when facing death could surely make the situation a little easier lol! I look forward to being able to get the next one and the others following as soon as I can. Keep up the great writing!

    1. Thank you so much! One thing about writing for Letty is I get to say all the things I wish I could say in real life. That’s fun!
      Happy reading,

        1. Sure is! I’m working on Letty’s 5th book right now. It’s titled “The Lies We Tell.” I’m hoping to have it ready to publish by fall. So glad you are enjoying Letty’s story. Have you tried the new series: A Scrying Shame?

  13. I just finished number 4! I love Letty! Thank you so much for writing these, I’ve enjoyed each one and can’t wait for the next! P.S. Love your writing skills, you made me laugh out loud so many times!

    1. Bobbi10030, that is so good to hear! Seriously, I can’t tell you how much it means to me to hear from readers. I’m working on book 5 now, but have you tried the new series? You might like it, too. Happy reading!

  14. Hi Donna,

    I’m an avid reader and when I find a book that interests me in the first chapter I can’t put it down and will read it in a day or two. My latest such find was The Enemy We Know, what a great read and so many twists, I kept changing my mind about the murderer but would never have guessed who actually did it.

    I would love to be added to your mailing list but in the meantime I’m off to find another of your Letty stories to read xx

    1. Hi Sue! Thank you so much! I love hearing that I was able to keep a reader guessing. The trick is I rarely know who the killer is myself. (kidding) Or sometimes I forget halfway through. (not kidding) The next book in the series is The One We Love. Hope you like it! I’m going to add you to my mailing list, as requested.
      Happy reading!

  15. I just finished The Enemy We Know. I really loved it. I like how you worked in the AA details, the meetings, personalities and all that. I’m hoping the second book deals with the second step.

    You have some great characters in this story. The really come to life with all their interesting quirks. So many other writers seem to churn out cookie cutter characters; the same arrogant Lord, and the same poor but spunky heroine. The difficult ones are those I’m most attracted too. (Kind of like Mr. Walker in Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer.)

    I like how your writing just flows. You have a great rhythm that keeps it moving. I bet it takes a lot of work to make the story just flow so smoothly. All the hard work is invisible, but I’m sure it is there, and I appreciate it.

    1. A thousand and one thanks yous! Really. It’s little notes like these that keep me going. Writing is hard for me–especially the first draft. I love the revision and editing process but to get there I have to face a lot of blank pages. About 300 of them, as a matter of fact. It can be discouraging, especially when I get myself tangled up in my own plot.
      To answer your question: Yes, the next book–The One We Love–covers Steps 2 & 3. They kinda go together. I hope you enjoy it as much as you did Enemy.
      And thanks again for your kind words!

  16. Where have you been all my life? I finished ‘The Enemy we Know” last night and, much against my better judgement, I started “The One we Love.” I just finished the scene where Sue’s lawn chair collapses and her brownie goes flying. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t read so I decided I might as well use the time to let you know how much I love your writing. You have a way of describing things that is beyond compare! I cannot wait to read the rest of the Letty series (my auto-correct preferred Lefty as well) and start the new series. Write on!!


    1. At last, we meet! I hope it was worth the wait. 🙂 Truly, I’m so glad you are enjoying Letty and her friends. The brownie scene was so fun to write. And now I’m hungry for brownies. . .
      Happy reading! Donna

  17. Just read all your letty books back to back, thoroughly enjoyed them all. Some very funny laugh out loud moments, inducing tears. Love your books, will there be another one in the series?

    1. Thanks, Kim! I’m so glad you enjoyed the Letty books so far. Yes, I’m currently working on book 5, The Lies We Tell and hope for a late fall/early winter release. You can also check out my other series. The first in that is a Kindle Scout winner, A Scrying Shame. And again, thank you so much for writing!

  18. thoroughly enjoyed this novel and the added humor to spice up the book. Can’t wait to read the next one. Keep them coming, it is like a breathe of fresh air.

    1. Hi, Amy- I have a Readers Group mailing list if you are interested in future notifications. And thank you so much for your kind words!

  19. Just finished “The Enemy We Know”. It was hard to put down to do anything else. Letts has become a favorite now and I can hardly wait to start the next book. Thanks. for interesting characters and an intriguing plot.

    1. Thank you so much, Jesn! I truly hope you enjoy the rest of Letty’s adventures. If you run out of them you can always check out my new series, A Scrying Shame. But thank you again for this kind note.

  20. Just finished The Blood We Spill. As we’re the first three books in the series it was almost impossible to put down. Anxiously awaiting the rest of the series.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the series so far, Brenda! Have you tried the new series with Arie? You might like it. Thanks for your sweet note!

  21. Could you tell me if there is a book: If Nothing Changes in your writings. If so, where does it fall in what series and what should it follow when readings. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks.

    1. Hi Joane, Yes, I have a short story called If Nothing Changes, but recently took it down to make some changes to it. I hope to be able to offer it free to people who sign up for my newsletter shortly. As for where it falls in the series, that particular story isn’t really dependent on the chronology; however, it technically comes between The One We Love and The Secrets We Keep. Thanks for asking! Donna

  22. Just read The One We Love and ordered another of your books before I finished the first. I love to read so much and talk about what I have read that the leader of the first book club suggested I go to the Book Lover’s bookclub. (Trying to get my enthusiastic self out of there). We meet tomorrow can’t wait to share! Love the more original euphamisms. They make me laugh. Great distraction from the Hospice work I do. I had resisted an e reader until my daughtet gave me one ladt year. Eithout it i might not have found you! Thanks and keep writin!

    1. Debra, I love my ereader, too, and I’m so glad you were able to come across my stuff. 🙂 Thank you for the lovely note. It made my day!

  23. Hi Donna,

    I just wanted to drop you a few lines to tell you that I love your Letty series! It’s great! I’ve read all your Letty books so far and am about to start Scrying Shame. I know you said in previous posts that you were hoping to have book 5 published by fall/winter, but it’s already December. Any ideas on a time line?

    1. Oh, gosh, Angela! That’s awesome. I’m excited to say that I’m sending The Lies We Tell to my editor within the next week. With the holidays and corrections, I’m hoping to have Lies ready for you sometime in January. If you’d like to know when it’s available you can sign up for my Readers’ Group. I send them notifications of new releases, discounts and freebies. And again, thank you so much! Donna

  24. I have really enjoyed reading the Letty series. Just finished the second one. The humor has been a refreshing change. Going to look for a third. Hope there is one out there.

    1. Oh, there’s definitely more out there, Lisa. 🙂 And another coming available in January. Thank you so much for your note! It means the world!

  25. I just finished the 1st book and LOVED it. I ccould hardly put the book down. The characters were well developed and great plot. I also enjoy the recovery aspect and sharing how she learns to deal with life sober. Will keep going. Thank you!!!

  26. Dear Donna, I just finished the first book of the Letty series, and I absolutely loved it! I am now beginning the second book. I really can’t wait to read more of your books. I really enjoy them. They are not only funny, but I love how you wrote about recovery and its struggles in this first book. Just want to say thank you and I think you are an amazing author!

  27. Just finished the 4th book. I have enjoyed the pace of the books and they’ve all managed to keep me up past my bed time while I keep reading “just one more chapter..” Can’t wait to see what Letty gets herself into next. 🙂

    1. Ooh, good question, Nancy. And the answer is… Well, I guess you’ll have to read more to find out. But I don’t think you’ll be disappointed when you do.

  28. Haven’t even finished the first book, but I already love it. I feel connected to Letty as a recovering alcoholic myself, as well as an addiction counselor. Keep up the good work!

  29. I think your books are amazing! I only recently found them on the kindle store but I am hooked already and a little ashamed to say that I have read everything now. I am eagerly awaiting the next book to come out.

    1. Well, you just made my day!! I’m currently working on book 2 in Arie’s Blood Vision series. Hoping to have that ready to publish by late summer/early fall. Make sure you sign up for my Readers’ Group because I notify them first thing. Thank you so much, Ro!

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